Stainless steel crash bar extension for original BMW engine crash bar BMW R1200GS Adventure from 2014

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Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

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Even better protection for adventure seekers and their Adventure GS. The stainless steel Touratech crash bar extension can provide help where the original R 1200 GS Adventure crash bar no longer suffices. And this can happen quicker than one may think. For example, when the motorbike tips beyond the crash bar and parts of the fairing or even the sensitive aluminium tank are affected. This cannot only become expensive but put an abrupt end to a lovely tour as a worst scenario.
The crash bar extension made of robust, electropolished stainless steel is easy to clean and rust-proof. The intelligent four-point screw connection distributes crash or impact forces over the frame, resulting in less damage. Even deep scratches can be polished up.

- precisely matches the original crash bar in terms of design, colour and material
- is screwed to the original BMW engine crash bar
- main screw connection points positioned to ensure that forces are distributed across the frame
- additional, profiled stainless steel plate for greater stability and even more safety
- protects the cylinder head and the sensitive aluminium tank better against damage
- made of electropolished stainless steel and is therefore rust-proof
- even deep scratches can be polished up easily
- unrestricted freedom for knees and legs
- tried, tested and proven in tough daily travel
- own production and "Made in Germany"

Note: Cannot be combined with Stainless steel reinforcing strut for original BMW engine crash bar, BMW R1200GS from 2013 / BMW R1200GS Adventure from 2014 (01-045-5164-0)

Additional information for installation: the Touratech crash bar extension is screwed to the main frame of the vehicle and the original crash bar at two points in order to distribute crash or impact forces better and to prevent severe damage to the vehicle. Additional stability of the crash bar extension is achieved by two further connection points on the crash bar. All parts necessary for installation are supplied. No special tools are required.
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Part number 01-045-5165-0
Delivery 3 - 4 săptămâni
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Funcţie Protecţie
Culoare argint
Bike-Producator BMW
Model R 1200 GS Adventure LC
model de ani de la 2014
Material Oțel inoxidabil
Producător Touratech
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